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There's A New Danish Mouth-Blown Glass Table Lamp In Town - And It's Beautiful!

by Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

You know that feeling when one of your favourite designers launches something new? That's how I felt when Danish artist Pernille Bülow (creator of the SKY pendant lamps over my dining table and vintage bar cart) announced the launch of her new Ceramic Table Lamp this week. Yay! True to her signature style, the beautiful lamp is made from mouth blown glass out of her atelier on the Danish island of Bornholm. It's also massively versatile: the lamp base comes in a choice of white, grey or anthracite and in sizes small, medium or large size and you can pair it with a glass shade in pink, turquoise, tea, recycled, golden, blue, bronze, clear or grey (also in small, medium and large). I immediately envisaged these beauties in Felicia Alm's home (Felicia is currently working with me as an intern and her taste is BEYOND!) - although I might just have to nab one or two for my own home too of course! Here are some pictures we took earlier this week...

We each had our favourite and this was mine: medium, black base and medium, dark grey shade. It looked perfect against the darker wall: subtle yet interesting but I could also imagine it silhouetted against a fresh white wall.


Felicia fell in love with a combination of white base and large, tea coloured shade  - and I have to agree that it is very pretty! 

FYI it's common for Swedes to place lamps in the window (it makes a home feel more warm and inviting when you arrive home)  - and this lamp looked instantly at home in this spot by the dining table. 

And finally, we chose a lamp with a small base in grey and a small clear glass shade. It felt very dainty and perfect for lighting up a little corner of the home! 

Isn't it pretty?

Do you have a favourite colour combination? 

The Ceramic Table Lamp is available directly through the Pernille Bülow online shop - and they ship worldwide - hurrah! 


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. Styling: Felicia Alm

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Pernille Bülow, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! 


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